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Expressive Designs, Inc. (EDI) was established to harmoniously link Architecture and Interiors. With an unyielding desire to raise the collective consciousness of design, EDI blends client desires and objectives together with a unique viewpoint and breadth of experience.

EDI's team is comprised of licensed professionals with diverse backgrounds and design perspectives. This complex design knowledge ensures clients the ability to see their vision come to fruition and often surpass initial objectives. EDI's primary goal is to not only create an interior that is aesthetically pleasing and functional but also one that reflects the clients' lifestyle and defines their business's brand. EDI's team is experts at enhancing ambiance, bringing a blank pallet to life or refreshing an existing design all the while achieving the most efficient use of space within every project.

The team's design integration through use of materials, space, textures, color, and light is award winning. EDI partners with the client to develop spaces that achieve the client's vision and identify their design goals, schedules and financial requirements.

From executive business interiors to exclusive private residences, EDI is recognized for designing some of the finest properties and is one of the most sought after Interior Design Firms.
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